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How do I access my usage information?

Pivotel Selfcare is our online portal for you to login to your Pivotel Satellite account from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Easily manage your account details, view your usage, pay your bills online and more.

What is the Pivotel Message Centre?

The Pivotel Message Centre is the system that manages the delivery and receipt of text messages (SMS). The Messages Centre has a regular mobile contact number and for Pivotel that number is +61415011740.

I can’t send text messages and I need to update the Message Centre number in my phone, how do I do this?

You can update this in your device by navigating to your Main Menu>SMS Settings>message centre number, highlight and delete the existing number and enter in +61415011740. Please contact Customer Care on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand) if you are having any difficulty with your Voicemail.

I am trying to login to Selfcare, but we have not been set up for this service. Can you please set this up for us?

Your online account can be accessed by clicking on here and entering your account number and account password.  You will also find a link on Pivotel’s homepage.

If you have not already set up a password, or if you have forgotten a previously selected password, please call our friendly Customer Care team on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand) who will arrange a temporary password.  Once you have that you can access your online account plus update your password.

How can I re-connect my satellite phone?

Re-connecting your phone or device is as easy as calling the friendly Customer Care team on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand). You’ll need around 10 minutes, its usually as simple as completing a quick voice recording to confirm your re-connection and plan details.  We can usually get your service up and running within the hour.

What is my phone number?

When your satellite phone has been connected, you will be allocated a standard Australian mobile number starting with 04, this is the phone number to dial to call your phone. We recommend using International formats to store and dial calls, which means your satellite phone number will be +614XXXXXXXX To call numbers from your handset you need to dial using the international format for example +614XXXXXXXX for an Australian mobile (you get the + by holding down the 0 key).

How do I make a call, or send a text from my satellite phone?

Making a call on a satellite phone is very similar to a mobile phone – simply dial the number you want to call by using the numeric keypad and press the send or phone button. Likewise sending a text message is also very similar to messaging on a mobile phone.

Pivotel recommends using international dialing format from your satellite phone service, this means dropping the leading 0 and then adding a + and the country code before the local numbers.

Australian Example: If you are calling an Australian mobile number 0433 333 333 you would use +61433 333 333, or for a landline 07 3333 3333 you would use +617 3333 3333.

New Zealand Example: If you are calling a New Zealand mobile 021 333 3333 you would use +6421 333 3333 or for a landline  06 333 3333 you would use +646 333 3333.

If you need to call Emergency Services, you just dial 000 in Australia and 111 in New Zealand.

There are instructions in the box with the phone for registering your unit with the GEOS International Rescue Centre who work with Australian and NZ Rescue Centres for SOS events. This is a free service for Iridium customers.

Can I use my satellite phone outside of Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, you can. The coverage areas of all of the satellite networks differ so it is worthwhile checking the appropriate coverage map here.

If you are connected on the Inmarsat or Thuraya network, and using your service outside of Australia or New Zealand, the cost to call back to Australia or New Zealand will be the same as when you make a local call from within Australia or New Zealand. Incoming calls to your Inmarsat or Thuraya phone when traveling outside of Australia and New Zealand are free on most handset plans.

If you are connected to the Iridium satellite network and are using your service outside of Australia or New Zealand your call rates will be different to those that apply when inside Australia and New Zealand. 

Can I make an International call on my satellite phone?

Yes. When calling always remember to dial + followed by the full international country code. For some plans, international dialing may not be automatically enabled so please check with our Customer Care team on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand) for further assistance.

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