Voice & Messaging

Pivotel’s voice and messaging solutions provide coverage everywhere,
including areas not covered by mobile phone networks.

Voice and messaging communications that work where mobile phones don't.

Pivotel’s voice and messaging solutions allow you to communicate when there's no mobile coverage.

It doesn't matter if you’re travelling around the country for leisure, or operating a business in remote locations, Pivotel provides a range of cost-effective satellite devices, service plans and accessories that give you coverage right across New Zealand and beyond.

Choose a satellite phone for voice and SMS communications, Push-to-Talk (PTT) to communicate with users at the push of a button, or a personal safety and tracking device to keep you or your valuable assets connected.

Plus, as Pivotel is the only registered mobile satellite service provider in New Zealand interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite networks, we provide you with a range of unique benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Pivotel Advantage is designed to give you more value and solutions that are easier to use and cheaper to operate.



Voice and Messaging - Features


Flexible solutions that provide you with the level of connectivity you need when there's no mobile phone coverage


Feel safe and provide your family with peace of mind knowing you have a line of communication should you need it


Connect with friends, family, and colleagues whilst on the go and raise an alarm in the event of an emergency

Voice and Messaging - Products


Satellite Phones

Pivotel's satellite phones keep you safe and connected with voice and SMS communications across New Zealand and beyond.


Satellite Push-to-Talk

Pivotel’s satellite Push-to-Talk (PTT) service allows you to initiate fast, secure and global voice communications to your entire team, wherever they are located.


Personal Safety & Tracking

Pivotel’s personal safety and tracking devices keep you and your family, or your valuable assets connected, wherever you’re located.

Why Pivotel?

*Service suspension available on selected plans only. Terms and conditions apply.


Standard Australian ‘+61’ numbers

Easier to use and more affordable to call


Callers to you pay less

Calls charged at call-to-Australian-mobile rates


One network - multiple satellite technologies

More choices for a solution that meets your needs



Seasonal service suspension

Suspend your service when you’re not using it*


Progressive usage alerts

Control your costs with email and SMS notifications



Locally based Customer Support

One-call customer service on all Pivotel services


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The connectivity specialists across a range of solutions


Communication solutions that provide you with the level of connectivity you need.

Portable on-demand data and internet connectivity when and where you need it.

Turn your vehicles into wireless hotspots with data and internet connectivity.

Reliable and secure internet connectivity when and where you need it.

Keep your workers safe and connected with communication, monitoring and HSWA services.

Tracking, monitoring and status information for important assets wherever they are located.

Specialised marine communications that keep you safe and connected on the water.

Reliable and robust maritime communication solutions designed for commercial vessels.

IoT hardware, backhaul and networks for regional New Zealand.

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Pivotel’s Tracertrak worker safety platform means
we can have more people out there working alone
safely, rather than having someone sitting and
waiting for a call that may or may not come.

- Tom Hanson

Health and Safety Manager, HQPlantations


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