The Pivotel Advantage

At Pivotel, we believe that satellite communication solutions should be simple and cost-effective, so we put together
a range of benefits that provide you with even greater value - we call it the Pivotel Advantage.

Connect with Pivotel and get more.

More Capable
Pivotel is a registered mobile satellite service provider in New Zealand with a focus on satellite communication services. Pivotel's carrier-grade network allows you to know that your services are reliable and secure.

More Connected
Pivotel has invested in protected direct interconnection with all of the major mobile satellite networks, meaning consistent services with lower latency, higher voice quality and flexible data connectivity options.

More Value
Pivotel’s satellite ground network and status as a registered mobile satellite service provider allow us to provide you with standard Australian ‘+61’ numbers, free test call services and cost control tools, including usage alerts and more.

More Support
Pivotel's local network of more than 50 dealers nationwide, provides friendly, knowledgeable sales and service, backed by our team of experienced, locally-based customer care experts.


The Pivotel Advantage


Standard Australian ‘+61’ numbers
Calling a Pivotel satellite phone number from New Zealand costs up to 10x less than calling a standard mobile satellite phone number. That’s because Pivotel satellite phones use Australian ‘+61’ numbers.


Callers to you pay call-to-Australian-mobile rates
Calls to Pivotel satellite numbers are often FREE within New Zealand unlimited phone bundles. Calls to numbers provided by other mobile satellite companies can cost up to $12.97 per minute.*


One network - multiple satellite technologies
With Pivotel you get one network but multiple satellite technology options, providing more options for a satellite solution that meets your needs.


Flexible service plan options with low satellite call rates
Pivotel provides a wide range of service plans that all include great value and low call rates. Choose between month-to-month or fixed term contracts.


Make calls within your fleet at standard rates
Calls on the Pivotel network between phones on different satellite technologies are always charged at call-to-Australian mobile rates giving you the freedom to build a fleet with mixed satellite technologies.


Progressive usage alerts
Control your costs with free email and SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan’s included value.


Get traffic delivered your way
Pivotel can deliver voice call and data traffic securely and directly to agencies and organisations.


Pivotel provides leased line and VPN tunnel connectivity options to ensure data security across the open internet or private links.


Locally based Customer Support
Need help? Call the experts at Pivotel’s Customer Care team for one-call customer service across all Pivotel solutions.

*Source:https://www.spark.co.nz/shop/landline/calling-rates/ Cost to call Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar is $7.64 per minute. Cost to call Inmarsat is up to $12.97 per minute. Cost to call Iridium, Thuraya and Globalstar is $7.64 per minute. Cost to call Inmarsat is up to $12.97 per minute.


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