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Which smartphone models can be used with the Iridium GO!?

You can use iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smart phone and Android tablet with Iridium GO!

How many devices can be connected to Iridium GO!?

You can connect up to 5 devices to Iridium GO!, but only one device can use the satellite service at a time.

How do the smart devices connect to Iridium GO!?

The smart devices are connected to Iridium GO! via Wi-Fi with a range of approximately 30m (100 feet) depending upon conditions.

What is included in the Iridium GO! package?

The package contains the Iridium GO! main unit, battery, universal AC travel charger with 4 international adapters, USB Charging/Data cable, car charger, protective cover, user manual, legal information booklet and GEOS Emergency Services brochure. Accessories are available and you can buy items such as mounting kit and external antenna directly from Pivotel or an approved Pivotel Dealer.

Does the Iridium GO! needs a SIM?

Yes, the Iridium GO! need a SIM and subscription to Pivotel Iridium call plans.

How long does the battery last?

The Iridium GO!’s standby time is up to 15.5 hours and the talk time is up to 5.5 hours.

How long does it take to charge the Iridium GO!?

It takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to charge the Iridium GO! using the included AC Travel or Car Charger.

Where can I download the Iridium GO! App?

The iPhone Iridium GO! App can be downloaded for free here.

The Android Iridium GO! App can be downloaded for free here.

Where can I download the Iridium Mail & Web App?

The iPhone Iridium GO! Mail & Web App can be downloaded for free here.

The Android Iridium GO! Mail & Web App can be downloaded for free here.

Which services can I use in satellite mode?

With the Iridium GO! you can use your smart phone and smart devices to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, Apps for email, social media and weather in satellite mode.

How can I configure SOS settings?

You must configure the SOS button in order for the SOS to send an emergency message to a designated Call Recipient and Message Recipient. Failure to configure the SOS button may result in no message being sent when the SOS button is pressed. This could prevent or delay an emergency response and result in serious injury or death. Using the Settings menu in the Iridium GO! application, you may configure SOS while paired to the Iridium GO! device. Only one SOS emergency contact setting can be stored per Iridium GO! device, so multiple users will all share the same SOS settings. It is important to plan accordingly.

The SOS settings will provide the option to use or not use the GEOS service.

To support the SOS feature, Iridium has contracted with GEOS Travel Safety Group to provide an emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge. Standard airtime charges will apply to SOS mode messages and/or calls to GEOS; a valid Iridium SIM subscription and online registration at is required.

Does the Iridium GO! have its own microphone and loudspeaker?

The Iridium GO! has its own loudspeaker, but no microphone.

How can I receive incoming calls when the smart phone is connected to Iridium GO! but the App is not open?

Iridium GO! device loudspeaker will ring to indicate incoming calls. All you have to do is open the App and then accept the call. The handset icon in the Iridium GO! application status bar will become red, indicating a call is in progress.

What happens if I am on a satellite call and there is an incoming GSM call?

When this happens, your satellite call will be disconnected.

Do I have to pair the Iridium GO! with the smart phone every time I switch them on?

Normally the units have only to be paired one time, then the units will pair automatically the next time.

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