Iridium Handset FAQs | NZ

How do I access voicemail?

Voicemail can be accessed from your mobile by dialing +61424 212 121 or from another phone by dialing your mobile number and then pressing # once the message starts and then by entering your pin.

Can I change my plan if I am under contract?

Yes, you can increase your call plan* and later decrease it to the original minimum term plan.

Can I send SMS text messages?

Yes, you can send and receive SMS messages.

What number should I dial for emergency services?

111 is the emergency services number that is designated for emergency calls from all telephone networks in New Zealand. When calling 111, you will be connected to police, fire, or ambulance. If you are travelling overseas and using your phone, you can call the international emergency number 112 wherever there is Iridium or GSM coverage available. This international emergency number will also work in New Zealand using any Pivotel service.

How do I know on my bill which calls are made in Satellite and which calls are cellular?

Your account will include a detailed breakdown of the calls you have made. Each call is marked with a call type code. A description of the call type codes is located on page 2 of your account.

How I do get a new service connected?

Please locate your nearest dealer, or contact Customer Care on 0508 882 448.

Can I connect and port my mobile number from another carrier?

Yes, the existing mobile number needs to be active with the carrier to transfer (port) this number to your new Pivotel Iridium service. You must advise your dealer at the time of connection that this is what you wish to do. It is advisable to have a copy of your current account with you.

What should I do if I misplace or have my phone stolen?

Contact Customer Care immediately on 0508 882 448 and they will bar your service to prevent the phone being used.

Can I use my telephone overseas?

The Iridium network has full global coverage allowing you to use your phone across the globe, on land or at sea. Your Iridium phone will operate at the standard rates with the Australian/New Zealand territory, and outside zone call rates outside of the New Zealand/Australia territory. Please refer to the coverage maps for details of these zones.

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