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Can I pay in advance?

Yes, you can pay in advance by credit card/debit card for any amount you would like and this will be applied to your account as a credit balance. Any future invoices will be deducted from your credit balance until the credit runs out. Please call our friendly Customer Care team to arrange on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand).

How do the plans work? Do I only pay for the calls I make?

You will be charged for calls and usage made from your satellite service. If the plan you have selected has included value, the cost of any calls and text messages will be first deducted from your included value and then any further charges will be invoiced on your monthly account.

Incoming call charges apply in certain circumstances and on some plans and call plans may or may not have included value. Please check the details of your call plan here.

What are the most suitable plans & devices that I can use when not in mobile phone coverage?

You’ll likely have some requirements that are unique to your circumstances, perhaps you already have equipment, or maybe you want to set up multiple locations, it will all depend on what you are wanting to do. I’m sure whatever you need, you will also want a solution that’s reliable, easy to use, from a provider you can count on and that’s where Pivotel can help.

Pivotel works with all four major mobile satellite providers and we offer the largest range of plans with something to suit every budget and remote communication requirement.

Our solutions range from personal communicator and safety devices to high end satellite phones and high speed satellite data terminals.

If you’re a casual traveler, a State/Corporate department, or anything in between our team of satellite solution experts will be able to assist you.

To ensure you get the right solution that meets your needs and budget, contact the Pivotel team on 1300 882 448 (Australia) or 0508 882 448 (New Zealand).

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