Maritime Solutions Explained | NZ

As Pivotel is the only registered mobile satellite service provider in New Zealand interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite networks, you can choose from a range of different satellite maritime terminals, service plans and accessories on the Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks, ensuring you get the solution that’s right for you.

Inmarsat Maritime Services
Choose Inmarsat for coverage across New Zealand and most of the world. Inmarsat maritime services are available via a range of different fixed terminals. The entry level Fleet One and midrange Fleet Broadband services provide voice and data connectivity from 150 Kbps to 432 Kbps, the premium Fleet Xpress service offers data speeds up to 4 Mbps, making Inmarsat a great choice almost anywhere, excluding the poles.

Iridium Certus Satellite Maritime Service
Choose Iridium and enjoy truly global coverage. The Iridium Certus maritime service provides fixed satellite marine terminals with voice connectivity and data speeds up to 704/352 Kbps (down/up), making Iridium the ideal choice anywhere in the world.

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