Mobile Number Transfers | NZ

In line with new telecommunications regulations, we’ve updated our fraud prevention measures to help stop anyone from trying to port or transfer your number to Pivotel without your consent.

We’ve added an extra identity verification check to our ordering process. If you’re transferring your number to Pivotel, we won’t initiate the transfer until we know it’s you.

Click here for more information on porting or transferring your number to Pivotel.

Didn’t request a number transfer?

If you’ve received an authorisation code for a port that you didn’t request, please contact Pivotel immediately on 0508 882 448.

What to do if you suspect your number has been fraudulently ported to or from Pivotel

Fraudulent and illegal mobile number porting is when your personal details are used to “port” or transfer your mobile number from one provider to another without your consent.

If you suspect your number has been fraudulently ported to or from Pivotel:

  • Contact Pivotel on 0508 882 448 or your current provider immediately. They will be able to tell you whether your number has been ported and if it has been, you can then ask to have it ported back.
  • Once you’ve confirmed a fraudulent port has taken place, you should report the incident to the Police.
  • Contact your bank and any other providers who use your mobile phone number for 2 factor authentication to notify them that you suspect your number has been fraudulently ported.
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