Tracertrak Safeworker App | FAQs | NZ

Will the Tracertrak SafeWorker App function when outside of network (4G & WiFi) coverage?

When outside of network coverage you will be able to access the Tracertrak SafeWorker App, however, you will not be able to check-in or receive updates from Tracertrak. For standard operation of the App, network coverage is required.

How much does the Tracertrak SafeWorker App cost?

The App is free to download and install but a Tracertrak SafeWorker license is required to register the App with Tracertrak. Single licences can be purchased on subscription for $14.99/month or less for volume purchases.

Does GEOS Monitoring cost extra?

No. GEOS is free with all Tracertrak SafeWorker Licenses.

How do I purchase a Tracertrak SafeWorker License?

Licenses for Tracertrak SafeWorker App can be purchased directly from Pivotel. Please contact Pivotel Customer Care to enquire about pricing and purchasing.

When will Tracertrak SafeWorker App be available for iOS devices?

The Tracertrak SafeWorker App for iOS is expected to be released in Q2 2018.

How can I turn the Tracertrak SafeWorker App off?

When you are logged into the App, the App needs to run all the time to ensure messaging to and from Tracertrak can always be serviced. When you don’t need the App, you should log out.

Will running the Tracertrak SafeWorker App all the time drain my battery?

While the Tracertrak SafeWorker App will consume some battery, it is expected that the Tracertrak SafeWorker App will not have a significant impact on the battery consumption of your device.

What happens if I miss a check-in on the Tracertrak SafeWorker App?

Like any missed check-in, Tracertrak will raise an alarm and send the appropriate notifications via SMS and E-mail. The Tracertrak SafeWorker App will be in an alarm state, flash red and sounding an alarm. Checking in on the App will cancel the alarm.

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